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As the nation’s retailers have grown to an international level of sophistication, Premier Malls has been at the forefront of providing retail facilities that meet and exceed their needs. Currently, Premier Malls manages two of the country’s most successful malls.


Trincity Mall has for the past 30 years been the focal point of the HCL Group’s residential, commercial, hospitality & leisure community known as the Trincity Millennium Vision.  Trincity’s growth has corresponded with the Mall’s own growth, from very humble beginnings to now being the largest shopping mall in the English-speaking Caribbean.

Established in 1984 with just 80 Stores on 140,000 sq. ft. of Retail space, the Mall now has over 300 Stores/Kiosks occupying in excess of 520,000 sq. ft. of Retail space.  




Long Circular Mall (LCM) has the distinction of being the first Shopping Mall to be established in T&T in 1980 and has continued to stand the test of time over the past three and a half decades on Long Circular Road.  

Starting off initially as a base for the soon to be expanded Tru Valu chain of supermarkets in the late 1970’s, the Mall initially opened with just eleven (11) stores, but soon expanded and now contains over 100 Stores on five (5) Levels, including a Food Court on the Ground Level.


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